Educational Discount on Ableton Live

The Push Bible is unique in offering an educational discount (40%) on Ableton Live. Learn more below.

Ableton Educational Discount

on Push Bible Complete


While the page below might look like a lot of information - don't worry - the process is really simple.  I just prefer to explain everything in detail, and to make sure this is done correctly.  To date the educational discount programme has helped many WRKSHP students buy Ableton Live at a large discount!


Students taking the Push Bible Complete course (both Beginner and Intermediate Levels) are eligible for an educational discount on Ableton Live at  The Push Bible is the only course on Push that offers this to date, and one of very few online courses to do so.  Ableton currently offer a 40% educational discount on purchases of Live at  

How to access Ableton's educational discount:

Ableton's educational programme offers a discount on their software for qualifying courses, such as the Push Bible.

The process works as follows:

  1. Purchase the Push Bible Complete bundle (Beginner and Intermediate)
  2. Complete the purchase Ableton Live on via the education area of the shop.
  3. Send proof of enrolment to to activate the software license.

    While slightly unintuitive that you first purchase on and then send them proof of enrolment, this is simply how their programme functions.


As of today this is only offered for students taking both the Beginner and Intermediate Levels of the Push Bible via the flagship course at WRKSHP: Push Bible: The Complete Beginner & Intermediate Courses

The discount at can be used after purchasing the Push Bible.

For students buying Beginner and Intermediate separately Students can apply for a certificate once they have purchased both the beginner and intermediate courses.

Learn more about Ableton's Educational discount

Check Ableton's terms here and FAQ here

Note that the discount is typically offered on software, and in general isn't applied to Push, but do check their site. Furthermore make sure you are logged in with your existing Ableton account, as sometimes the upgrade pricing they offer for existing licenses might be advantageous.

About the Course

The Complete course is far and away the largest course of its kind online, and includes 14+ hours of videos lesson, with multiple tasks, quizzes and interactive sections where students and the course tutor engage in Q&As.  Students typically spend 3-12 months taking the courses and return to the course material regularly thereafter.  

Students can purchase the course and then immediately purchase Live with the educational discount that Ableton offer.  Get in touch to receive an enrolment certificate that can be sent to Ableton. Note that the moment a student of the Push Bible does this, the refund guarantee offered on the course is no longer valid.  This is to avoid any abuse.

As a reminder: the Push Bible Beginner and Intermediate courses can be taken with the free version of Live that comes with Push, Live Intro.  

Read more about WRKSHP certificates and  terms & conditions related to these and the educational discount programme detailed above

Please read this page to learn more.

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Refund Guarantee

If you're not happy with any course on WRKSHP within the first 14 days, you'll receive a refund. See the FAQ for more details.