• I'd like to know more about the 14-day refund.

    I'm offering a no-questions-asked refund for any "Push Bible" courses purchased where less than 33% of the content has been consumed (This can be easily and reliably monitored for each and every student), and within 14 calendar days of the purchase. You'll receive a full refund, minus any fees that we cannot recoup (Paypal's fees, credit-card and currency-conversion fees, etc). Special hybrid courses offering Download Products (i.e. Live Sets or Ableton Devices) and which have a Course attached are not eligible for a refund however, as these are download products.

  • I'd like to buy the courses in another currency than USD, is this possible?

    For the moment it's not very easy to offer the courses in other currencies. If this is important for you, please let me know (link below) and I'll do my best to add this feature as soon as I can, or where possible find a custom payment solution (GBP and EUR are the easiest in this regard). Of course you can pay with payment sources from lots of other currencies, but there might be a small conversion fee. When I pay online, I avoid this by using modern solutions such as Revolut or Transferwise (see further down for more information and links).

  • I'm interested in a payment plan for a course.

    Good news! I have added this as a payment option for many of the courses. Thank you to those of you who wrote to let me know that this would be helpful.

  • Why is the payment plan is more expensive than the single-payment price.

    For every payment I receive, there are a variety of fees that I have to pay. These include credit card fees, paypal fees and even a specific charge that I need to bear in order to even offer the payment plans. The slightly higher cost allows me to offer the payment plan - and in some cases allows you to save money even after the promotion period has passed.

  • Do you offer student discounts?

    If you're a student or someone in financial difficulties please write to me and we'll see what we can do. If you could include some proof of being a student (such as the confirmation Ableton sends you when you qualify for their educational discount) that would be helpful. I've tried to help as many people as possible so far, while balancing this with running the school on my own.

  • The courses seem expensive

    I've taken a long, long time to make sure that these courses are the best in their class. A one-stop shop for everything. No existing course on Push offers all of the features that the complete Push Bible has: ✓ 3 times bigger than any course out there ✓ Lifetime access ✓ Support by a recognised, seasoned expert (already 300 questions answered in the complete course, visible to all students) ✓ Interactive Sections, Quizzes and downloads (many other courses are just videos, without even tasks for students) ✓ Secret tips and tricks completely exclusive to the Push Bible ✓ An exclusive, interactive short-cut list ✓4K, best-in-class video production ✓ A free course that introduces beginners and seasoned users alike to key features ✓ A generous refund-guarantee (many courses don't have this, shame on them) + Lastly, and boring as it is, I (and WRKSHP) are based in Belgium. A land we love, but where taxes on products like these are 60%. Yes. 60%. The landscape of digital selling has been a free for all for years, with many individuals and companies paying little or no tax back to society, but WRKSHP goes above and beyond to contribute its share by honouring this significant financial burden. By buying a course you contribute to a better tomorrow. ➨ 𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗺𝗮𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝗺𝗼𝘀𝘁 however is what the value of the course is to you. You've already invested in a not-cheap piece of hardware. The resources for learning it are scattered across the internet. Finding them all takes time, and their quality varies, with a lot of critical information and insight missing. Time is something that's deeply precious and can't be won-back. So the question is: do you want to learn everything there is to know, in a structured, entertaining way, with the support of an expert? What is that worth to you? This is the real question, and only you can answer that. 🙏🏼

  • I like the Push Bible & WRKSHP, and want to help make you make them a success

    I have had some incredibly kind advice, suggestions and encouragement over the last weeks while I tested the course and my approach to launching my school. These words are actions are priceless, and I'm truly grateful for them. If you'd like to help in a practical way, do please share the courses with any friends, even just publishing a link to the school is a big help, either on social media, or on blogs - this helps more than you can perhaps imagine in these days of algorithms. I've also had the question if I can offer a referral or affiliate program - and I can - please write to me if you'd like to help in this way.

  • How do the Payment Plans work?

    Payment plans split the cost of the course across 3 monthly payments. The first payment is processed immediately, and the 2nd and 3rd will occur monthly afterwards. If you purchase on the 2nd of the month, the other payments will also occur on the 2nd of the following months. The total you'll pay with the payment plan will be shown in brackets, and the monthly payments will be shown by "3 x $xx". The total is slightly higher due to additional processing fees by credit card companies as well as the increased administration these plans create for me. If a payment doesn't go through for whatever reason, the system will keep trying and you'll receive emails updating you. If you have any problems or questions you can always reach out to me.

Live 11 and the Push Bible

  • Is the Push Bible compatible with Live 11

    Absolutely. There are some adjustments to how Live looks in a few areas (mostly in the clip view), but the lessons will still be 100% applicable to Live 11.

  • Will the Push Bible be updated for Live 11

    The changes for Push in Live 11 are so far very limited, except for the addition of Polyphonic Aftertouch (see video link below). This is automatically added by a firmware update if you use Live 11. If there are any major changes/updates/features brought about in Live 11, I intend to update the Push Bible where feasible so that the content stays as relevant as possible - for example through the use of lesson notes. I've already done so on a few lessons, and in the discussion sections with WRKSHPers who are using Live 11. The great news is that in order to get everybody up to speed on the changes in Live 11 for Push, I've made a video covering the main updates, that everyone can watch, link below.

Push Bible: Q&A

  • How long do I have access to the WRKSHP courses I've bought?

    Lifetime! Yours and mine, I hope, at least. Learning is for life, and sometimes we need to go over something again, refresh our knowledge, or look up those power-tips and lesser-known shortcuts. This has practical aspects: WRKSHP is built on a platform that should stand the test of time, and if ever necessary I will endeavour to transfer it to another if necessary, so that you retain access no matter what. Videos and other content can be watched as many times as the student likes, and in any order. Each course may only be consumed by the person who purchased the course, naturally.

  • I have Push 1. How relevant is this course?

    There are already students who took this course and own Push 1 (but not Push 2). The feedback has been very positive, and that the majority of the lessons are still relevant or useful, and provide windows into how Live itself works, or ideas that can be implemented with either Push. There are of course some areas which are unique to Push 2, such as the visual-sampling workflow, the mixer overview. That said, if you have any questions, please do write to me. If you'd like to have a Push 1 specific course, please also write to me, then I know how much demand there is! Lastly, the course has a refund guarantee, so you can always try it out (see the conditions on this page) and if it doesn't work for you, it's no problem.

  • I'm a beginner and I'm still learning Ableton Live. Can I still take the course?

    Absolutely! Many others already have, with great results. The Push Bible (The Beginner course and Complete course) take you carefully and clearly through how Push and Live work together. Push is a window into the world of Live, and offers some but not all of the functionality that you can get with the mouse and keyboard. Now and then the course shows you what these things are, and suggestions for workflows to move between Live and Push as efficiently (and enjoyably!) as possible. Software and music can be difficult, and the Push Bible demystifies this clearly and carefully. Do check reviews to see student feedback on exactly this topic!

  • Is the Push Bible available in other languages?

    Bonjour, Hola, 你好, Halló! As of today the Push Bible is offered in English. Please write to me if you'd like to have the course available with subtitles - I can then gauge interest, and work out if I can afford to create good quality subtitles in that language. What I can say however is that I am a native speaker, and deliver the courses at a steady, easily understood speed. The course player allows for this to be slowed down or sped up, depending on your proficiency with English. I also speak Dutch, some French, and Icelandic and will use them to help you where appropriate. If you take the course, and English isn't your first language, and you struggle, please write to me for a refund - see the details on the refund policy on this page.

  • Where can I find the detailed contents of each course?

    Each course page (see "all courses" above) has a contents section that can be clicked on to reveal the detailed contents of each section. The Complete Push Bible has over 200 videos, lessons and downloads - you can see what's covered in each one here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

Future Learning Content

  • Are you planning to offer other courses focussed on Ableton Live?

    Absolutely, these are in the pipeline. Make sure you sign up to the mailing list (link on the top right) and to select this option when signing up.

  • Are you developing more courses for Push 2?

    Definitely. There are still more angles to cover where Push is concerned, such as other live performance possibilities, improvisational setups, etc.

  • I'm concerned that Push 3 might be about to come out, and therefore I'm hesitating to buy the Push Bible for Push 2.

    This is partly why WRKSHP offers a 14-day refund policy (as long as not more than 33% of the course has been viewed). If within two months of buying the course, a Push 3 should appear, I'll offer a discount on the next Push bible. Bear in mind that Push 2 is (and was always intended to be) a very long-term product, and will not lose very little value /usability when something new comes out. Ableton has kept Push 1 up to date with as many new features as possible, for example. This is also why I myself chose to invest in it, I believe in the slow-but-sure, very focussed strategy of Ableton. Lastly there have been no whispers anywhere I'm aware of of anything new. It's also possible to imagine with such a high quality piece of hardware Ableton will focus instead on updating Ableton Live instead (as it has done for more than 5 years).

  • There are topics or courses that you don't offer that I'd like to be able to follow.

    Please let me know. There are many things I can go into in detail: photography, video, visual art, music-publishing, self-promotion, event-organisation, being independent / self-employed, creating collaborative projects, productivity, and more. The more I have requests for one kind of content or another, the more I can justify creating it. Get in touch via the contact page or the button below.

Student Experience

  • If I have questions during the course, will these be answered?

    Absolutely. These are not "fire and forget" courses like many out there. I'm on hand to answer questions, which can be posed in various places, including on videos themselves, meaning that future students can benefit from any queries or clarifications. I'll aim to get these questions answered within 48 hours. Questions that are covered elsewhere in the course, or that are out-with the scope of the course will only be answered where feasible and where time allows.

  • How long will I have access to the course content?

    For as long as the Earth spins, and the interwebs function! Should for any reason the site be updated or move to another architecture, you'll be directed to the new home of content you've paid for.

Technical Questions

  • Can I download individual course videos

    As of today the answer is no - this is sadly due to the risk (and stated threat) of piracy. I'm hoping to offer this in the future however. The courses are however online 24/7 and are lifetime access. There is no download restriction on key course material downloads however, such as Ableton Live files and anything else necessary to take the course.

  • My internet speed is slow, can I watch the course?

    The course player is set to automatically adjust resolution and quality based on your internet connection. This can also be manually selected if you prefer. Currently it's necessary to reselect this with each video, but the intention is to make this a "sticky" feature in the future.

  • What quality are the videos delivered in?

    I film and deliver everything in 4K in general, so that it's nice and crisp!

The Unlikely and Esoteric

  • Why is it called WRKSHP

    Someone stole the O's. If you see these in the wild, let me know. Fortunately in the year 2012 it was considered cool to remove vowels from names and capitalise the letters, so actually maybe it's not so bad. Definitely don't risk your life for those O's.

  • What's the best scale?

    Definitely D Dorian.

Payment tips

  • You mentioned something called Transferwise (and Revolut) to avoid currency fees

    I'm a fan of Transferwise. It saves a lot of money when exchanging currencies and avoids bank fees. It even offers a credit card that can hold multiple currencies. I've used them for years and I'm really happy with the service and concept - so much better than my own standard bank. The link below gives you a free transfer up to 500EUR/USD, and if a few of you join, I'll also get a little bonus! Because I'm happy with Transferwise, I don't use Revolut, but it comes very well reviewed by my friends that travel, and who exchange or pay in multiple currencies.