WRKSHP Student Certificates


Students who take certain WRKSHP courses attain student status by doing so and are awarded are certificate as proof of their attendance and completion of said course(s).


As of today this is only offered for students taking both the Beginner and Intermediate Levels of the Push Bible via the flagship course at WRKSHP: Push Bible: The Complete Beginner & Intermediate Courses

Students can however apply for the certificate once they have completed the beginner and intermediate courses if these were purchased separately.

About the Course

The Complete course is far and away the largest course of its kind online, and includes 14+ hours of videos lesson, with multiple tasks, quizzes and interactive sections where students and the course tutor engage in Q&As.  Students typically spend 3-12 months taking the courses and return to the course material regularly thereafter.

About the Certificate

The certificate they are awarded is received upon completion of the necessary elements of the course to qualify as a student / receive an educational discount.  The certificate can be used as proof of enrolment and qualification for an educational discount.  The certificate has a number of anti-fraud elements present, and should you be a company wishing to check the veracity of a certificate you can contact WRKSHP via the link below.


WRKSHP is as of today a partner of the following companies in offering educational discounts:

  • Ableton - Check Ableton's terms here and FAQ here

Important note:

Please note that it is entirely to the discretion of these companies if they grant an educational discount or not, and policies may change over time.  

WRKSHP cannot guarantee that a discount will be granted, as this is in the hands of the company selling the product or service.  Where there has been a misunderstanding on the part of these companies, WRKSHP will endeavour to help, but cannot be held liable in any way.


For companies wishing to work with WRKSHP in offering educational discounts and to appear on this list, please contact us.

Other Questions about the courses: