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What Students Say


  • THE fastest way to learn Push 2 is this right here

    If I could assign one person to be on the instructor-end of every tutorial I turn to for everything I learn, it would be Andri …. which is a commentary on both his approach and execution. I love that he is so cognisant of learning (and teaching) in context. He intuitively grasps that certain concepts are best presented from multiple angles in real world contexts and I really appreciate that. This is difficult to accomplish. Beyond that I love his two camera approach, one hovering directly above tightly framing his activity on his Push 2 and the other off to the side where he discusses his ideas and thoughts as he steps you though the experience. Well done and bravo, Andri! Can’t wait to learn more. (Push Bible Complete) -Erik Kittlaus-

  • 5 Star Push Course

    This is the course I've been waiting for and by someone who actually uses Ableton. I have both the beginner and intermediate courses and there is more than enough information here to not just get started, but start performing if that's what you need to do. Also, the information in this course is very organized and easy to read so that if you want to skip around to the courses you need immediately, you can do that and find your place back later. I am a new Ableton user and already my confidence has gone up significantly. I still have much to learn and am excited to finish the course. I'll probably need to go through it a second and third time to absorb everything packed into here. I recommend this class if you are in the beginner/intermediate stages of using Ableton. You won't be disappointed. (Push Bible Beginner + Intermediate) -Jason Caballero-

  • From a beginner on Push and Live; an invaluable course

    As a first time user of Live and Push, this has been one of 3 tutorials that I've been using. This has been an invaluable course. I didn't know where to begin with Push and I've advanced very quickly. I'm only on Melodic sequencing right now. Thank you for this awesome course! (Push Bible Complete) -Mark Schummer-

  • I fall in love with Push more and more

    When I bought my Push, I had very limited knowledge about its possibilities, but that knowledge was enough for me to buy it. Now I discover so much more, that I think I paid much less than it really is worth. Andri, Ableton should pay you for promoting Push 2 in such a great way :) (Push Bible Intermediate) -Giorgi Gagnidze-

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May Day 30% Sale

Ends Sunday 15th May (midnight PST)